Tower of Babel Project (BAA_CA01)


Our mandate for The Tower of Babel Project is to explore and express the disregard that we as people have for our environment. We intend to voice our concerns and fears by drawing similarities between our situation and the Babel story. We will use this opportunity to speculate on our own future from our insights into The Tower of Babel. Our fate may be the same, but we refuse to be under the tower when it falls.

Creative process
The Babel project was developed by students enrolled in the Set Design III class.  All students are in the forth (final) year of the undergraduate program in the area of Production/Design.
As part of the initial work each of the eight students reported weekly on contemporary issues, political events and daily news.  Original story of the Babel and its various cultural interpretations were also investigated. After series of discussions and presentation panels, it became clear that the most important issue that the group wanted to explore was the environment and human’s destructive role in its dramatic changes. While experimenting with visual abstract images students found a graphic language THAT ALLOWED the collaborative aspect of the project to come forward and at the same time let each student to contribute his/her own interpretation of the environmental concerns.
A small white open box/brick became a module –set.   Each student created several boxes and the final work is composite of their collaboration as well as individual artistic statements.  Sixty four modules form a tower that represents the Tower of Babel with its multifaceted and complex issues. This Tower of Babel has its roots where we (the viewers) stand and continues beyond our reach.

Photos of studens making the project
Matt Armour, Michael Barrs , James Bolton , Michael Cuttini , Kate Horrill , Cristina Reale, Jessica Sisson, Joanna Yu,
York University, Toronto