Butterfly´s Dream (BAA_ES0203)

This project enunciates the sociocultural depredation confirming in the obverse and back of carras autoambles and mobile, the beauty and the symbolism of the elegant outlines and oriental colours, opposite to the tear of the graffiti and the keys of the proper art of the overbearing society of consumption. According to premeditation of this version of M. Butterfly for Giampaolo Zennaro, the scenic set pieces act as frontier spaces between an agonizing oriental world and the western affront that in Puccini's opera demonstrates to individual level, but now it turns out to be paradigmatic of a situation of flagrant injustice, for which two worlds live the same planet: those who belong to the first one live as if they were the owners of the same one, whereas those of the second one have to pay a too high price to them to share it.
Ana Molina, Fernando Barredo de Valenzuela, Spain  
Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Spain