Opera “Pagliacci”. Music: Ruggero Leoncavallo. Year: 2006 (BAA_ES0205)

The aesthetic approach of this scene design becomes from the analysis, perception and interpretation of the musical forces that define the works of the italian verity movement in the 19th century. These works are guided by the exaltation of the human passions (love, infidelity…), oppressive internal realities, and predominantly the DECONSTRUCCION of all the situations that, impregnated by a dramatic quality, seem from the beginning to be announcing a tragic end. 
We want to offer a SPACE-MOOD in correspondence with the above mentioned forces. 
The space composition with triangular oppressive falls (that suggest a street perspective), generates a central area for the principal actions of the characters. As background another triangular form represents the sky, and its changes depend of the intensity of the events.  
In the transition from "Cavaleria” to "Pagliacci ", two of these walls break or 
fragment to give entrance to the comedians and their elements.
Isabel Angel Garcia, Marianela Morales, Spain  
Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Spain