Opera “Aladdin & the Wonderlamp”. Music: Nino Rota. Year: 2003 (BAA_ES0207)

This project is the result of intense research into images containing probable elements of the different areas such as aromas, colours, geometric carpets´ decoration, etc.
This opera must be completed with quick-changes, so as not to cause interruption between the different decorates. We shall use a gyratory platform and two projection walls of triangular structure. One will be used to project different images; the other shall be fixed with two textures (a mirror and a carpet). These wall are very useful because of their ability to rotate and go in and out of scene.
All this is to be completed with three mobile hexagons, creating different spaces that separate the platform in various places.
Pilar Toro, Sara Olmos, Spain  
Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Spain