Tristan, a Hero’s life (BAA_ES0208)

Freely based on the maestro Zennaro’s Tristan drama concept, the whole work is taken as the full biography of the Hero, represented by the triangle-form, plus the Wagner-sphere-symbolism: the eternal battle between the human Desire (Isolde as the Moon) and the ruled World (King Marke as the Sun) that finally comes to an eclipse (the Hero’s death). All this geometrical objects, the triangles and the spheres, have been re-elaborated in a Kandinsky-like plastic resolution. So we can see Tristan in the pursuit of happiness (act 1) as the ship sails to the moon; followed by the almost perfection of the dream-like Eden (act 2) and, then, the final statement: the fall of the hero (act 3) as the Moon defeats the Sun for just a single worth-living mystical moment.
Pablo Fernandez, Spain  
Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University, Spain