“Dan and Nad” (BAA_GR01)


The “Dan and Nad” is my contemporary Babel tower. It’s so small and tiny that you can’t see it without my help. It’s composed of 4 letters (G,A,T,C) and you can find it everywhere in you, in me and in every living thing. It reminds us that life belongs to the livings and everybody is a minority. If you change the order of the 4 letters (the G,T,A,C), a different life will pop-up. But you must understand that this new and different life comes out from the same tower that you came from… Yes, my “Dan and Nad” tower. And all the people that comes out of my “Dan and Nad” are all so different that we have to call them “yellow”, black”, white”, “pour”, “rich”, “homosexual”, “transsexual”, “man”, women”, “christian”, “islamist”, “dope addict”, “killer”, “saint” and “ugly” ? If you don’t want to live the Babel disaster again, you must accept that you are one of them and call them “people”. You should try it…


Nikos Kalaitzidis, Greece