While researching the characters of the play “Babylonia”, we examined various forms of traditional dress.  In most of them, apart from fabric, shape and colour play a vital role.  The way the body is transformed and reshaped attracted our attention and we asked ourselves: could we consider the body as some kind of tower built up piece by piece, aiming to the sky? To this direction we are trying to re-built and dress the body, using “spare parts” from various traditional costumes.  This mix and match that would definitely be considered as a costume Babel when seen in parts, will eventually lead to creating two complete figures - a male and a female one – where, diversity combined, will shape a new entity.


Constantinos Zamanis, Chrisoula Konstantinakou, Georgia Paizi, Christina Panagiotara, Maria Papadopoulou, Greece  
University of Peloponnese