Beyond the Babel of people (different origins, dialects, characters) in the town of Nafplion today we have also noted a “Babel of plantation” that comes out as a result of the first. The meeting of different people is evident in the plants that grow in the region and we wanted to comment on that. In our photographic survey at Nafplion today one can see the traditional Greek plants, such as olive trees, planes and prickly pears next to plants that started to be grown in the area by refugees and immigrants at the end of 19th and the early 20th century, such as orange trees, palms and pines. We have created several patterns of trees that present the “Babel of plantation”, using different materials and a mixture of elements: some of them are trees with trunk of palm and branches of orange and olive trees; another is a tree of which each branch is a different tree! 

Sofia Pantouvaki, Kalliopi Maniorou, Venetia Nasi, Maria Reppa, Melissanthi Vakirtzi, Greece  
University of Peloponnese