Through our research we have realised that in the town of Nafplion the sense of Babel extends to the buildings: Venetian, Ottoman, neoclassical and modern buildings, co-exist as a result of the local history. We are interested in the interference of modern people in this space. The setting of the play Babylonia (in a traditional café – a meeting place) inspired us to photograph sign-boards of contemporary public meeting places such as cafes and restaurants. We also organized an interactive happening in the city of Nafplion, asking from passers-by to state anything they wanted to say by writing on a wall. These two elements are combined to design a new view of the town of Nafplion, where the impulsive hand-written superscriptions and the aesthetically different signs mingle in the 3-dimensional space, stating so many diverse views! 
Sofia Pantouvaki, Dafni Iliopoulou, Elinda Kragia, Eleni Fiotaki, Eleni Brilli, Greece  
University of Peloponnese