Thule (BAA_UK01)


My idea for a new Tower of Babel is inspired by the story of Eric Ravillious, and mans desire to fly. It relates to the painter/pilot’s obsession with the North, and the indescribable mystery and intrigue of the North, which became the pursuit of centuries of explorers’, and became known as Thule, the imagined most Northerly place in the world.

On a trip to Iceland, on which Ravillious hoped to pursue and capture the beauty he had become so enraptured with, his plane disappeared without a trace.  Perhaps when he disappeared he found Thule?

The tower was inspired by one mans story, but represents a desire to “fly” that is in many of us, in our dreams and subconscious.

The Tower is positioned facing North on the coast of Reykjavik, and I would propose a film to be projected onto it. 
Stefan Asanovic, Great Britain    
Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College