Project (BAA_UK05)

The proposal I have is to design a production from the famous novel Don Quixote. I will be challenging myself with new concepts, that still in keep the recognisable tradition of Don Quixote yet show influences of contemporary culture in modern society.

The initial thoughts that I have is to take the concept of a journey that is immediately present within the novel. The entire setting follows both a physical and metal journey for Don Quixote and his side kick Sancho Panza who meet an endless amount of colourful characters. I will translate this journey concept into my own working as I literally go on a journey in search of producing my own Don Quixote. There seems to be no boundaries for Quixote’s imagination and therefore I will be encompassing this into the design work. The novel is vast and rich and each character, no matter how small must uphold to this vibrancy. Over exaggerated bodies, expression and costume will all be part of conveying my ideas for Don Quixote. Sixteenth century Spain is the traditional setting for the story and so modern day Spain will become my biggest inspiration. Taking art, architecture, culture, colour and visiting Spain itself will be the key elements to producing a fresh and exciting array of designs for the characters and their costumes.

The continuous contrast between reality and fiction is another theme that resides in the novel. This will transfer to my idea of having a contrast between traditional silhouette and modern influence. Contemporary inspiration along with an endless limitation to experiment with new methods will be key elements in producing an imaginative and vibrant production of a famous and time-honoured novel.
Izabelle Wilkinson Smith, UK    
The Arts Institue at Bournemouth