“The Birds of Oz” (BDA_AT01)

‘The Birds of Oz’ will be a design presentation [full set model and costume designs] by seven NIDA 2nd yr design students. Their interpretation will re-examine Aristophanes’ theatrical masterpiece ‘The Birds’ in and around the iconic architectural masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House.

Drawing on 40,000 year old Aboriginal imagery, through to laser technology, ‘The Birds of Oz’ will layer antipodean desert rites with contemporary mores of terror, dislocation, cultural assimilation and aspirational unity.

Dr Peter Cooke
Design Leader
Peter Cooke, Colleen Reeks, Renee  Mulder, Claire Moloney, William  Stewart, Jessie  Giraud, Justin  Nardella, Heather Dugdale,
National Institute of Dramatic Art