Aruana Heto (BDA_BR03)


The comedy fable “The birds” seems to us cunningly up to date in relation to the Brazilian society history. Our federal capital (Brasilia), in bird shape, was projected to remove the present administrative vices and corruption in the old capital. The metaphor is reaching. Our Evelpides and Pithetaerus abandon the old capital unhappy with everything, and enter the wood (or what remains of it) looking for birds (or what remains of them), with the intention of founding an utopian city. We make use of the iconography and the native Indian ritual acts (permeated with bird signs) to grant the imaginary mise-em-scêne. It’s in the face between the occidental civilization vestments and the birds’ exuberant nakedness (Indians) that a bird city is built. We only use recycled material (it came from forest) to do this project.

Leandro Ivo, Murilo De Paula, Taimê Bertagna, Tiago Brito, Laura Valadão, Paula Zanetti, Wallyson Piedade, Richard  Santiago, Milena Quattrer, Mariana Soares, Adriana  Quagliato, Simone Maurer,
UNICAMP – Universidade Estadual de Campinas