Flying to the Top (BDA_BR04)


In this scenographic project, there are levels that are initially inaccessible, and as the characters evolve and gain space, they get closer to the level of the gods and at the same time gain power. When they reach the top, the highest level, they celebrate the city of the birds created from their ideas.
During the process, the character named Epops (a man changed into a kind of bird) performs a special role in providing feathers to humans, which makes it easier to climb and to overcome the earthly obstacles.
The apotheotic closing, as the whole scenery, is influenced by brazilian Teatro de Revista, which is an ironical way to approach the political issues of our society. It is a way to question corruption in brazilian politics and the several CPI's (investigations) that always produce ineffective results (an idiomatic expression used by Brazilians for this situation is "to end in pizza").  Nothing is solved and the corrupt politicians celebrate, just like the citizen from Athens in this play, who got everyone else caught up with his ideas.



Ana Machado, Brasil    
Universidade do Rio de Janeiro