Birds Virtual Experience (BDA_BR05)

This project of “scenic space” for Aristófane’s piece “the birds”, tries to allow a contemporary language to fully work. The play is based on esthetical references of Brazilian culture, such as “Teatro de Revista” and on the samba’s schools parades. To make this proposal effective it was made necessary an adaptation of the architecture of the theatrical space and also the scenography itself. The project is a moving theater that can be mounted in free urban spaces and in its transparent and oval format engage in a dialogue with the urban space. The stage display is complete inverted arena in which the audience stays in the middle, in rotative chairs, it is involved by a promenade that follows the elliptical format of the theater and has four stairs for entrance and exit of the actors. The idea of having an elliptical format is related to the cyclic questions brought up by the play. The big vault is a surface for projection, and takes part in the scene, because the chorus of the show is virtual, in a dialogue with the corifeu in the center of the audience, together with the spectators. In terms of architecture it is a building of two stores that externally has the format of a great translucid cap, and its base is an ellipse. The first floor is for the infra structure of the theater: box office, cafeteria, foyer, technical storage, dressing room. The play will be executed on the second floor. 


Marieta Spada, Brasil