Aristophanes´ ”The Birds”  lands in Carnival (BDA_BR07)


Our work’s proposed approach to Aristophanes’ text “The Birds” is based on the existing compatibility between the subject of such allegory and the politico-social reality of our country. In both cases, we are dealing with the utopia of attempting to change and falling on the cyclical inefficiency created by human frailty. We plan to show our thoughts through a typically Brazilian  celebration, i.e. carnival. This manifestation is similar in nature to the Greek Theater, in that it is a party for large audiences. Thus, the scenic space chosen will be Rio de Janeiro’s Sambódromo (the Apotheosis Square). The play will take at a specific section of this venue and, based on a samba school structure, there will be presentation’s with allegory cars, samba enredos (theme sambas) and costumes.  All this based on a puppet show. Our scale model will be mechanized and manipulated by the group of students.

During the event, we will also present graphic, visual and even multimedia materials, so that the relationship between the set up envisaged and the audience becomes more instigating and lively.


Cláudia Malaco, Flávia Junqueira, Gabriela Luna, Gisele Caterina, Luciana Teixeira, Marcello Girotti, Marina Figueiredo, Marina Vizini de Azevedo, Raquel Santana de Morais,
Espaço Cenográfico de São Paulo