Costume designs for Aristophanes’ The Birds (BDA_BR08)

For Pithetaerus, the most important character, it was imagined a red tunic with a yellow belt.  After the fifth scene he gains a pair of wings; at the final scene he wears the same costume with a gold cloak and an ivy crown. Euelpides costume consists of a green medium tunic, with blue belt and blue sandals, using “cold” colors to differentiate him from Pithetaerus. After the fifth scene he gains a pair of wings. For the Priest it was used a purple cloak over a long white tunic, giving him a supernatural look. For Epops it was created a more contemporary costume, composed of a leotard in an earthy color, a cloak with brown and black feathers, an orange mask with orange and black feathers, and shin pads with black feathers. For the Chorus of Birds, a long brown tunic and a cloak in a lighter color, with a mask in the same colors. For Iris, a white cloak with the image of a rainbow worn over a white tunic.  
Leonardo Jesus, Brazil  
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro