“Perspective of a Society – Society in Perspective” (BDA_BR09)

The design and realization of the costumes for Aristofanes “The Birds” is presented as a reading that treats metaphorically certain social, political and ethical questions existent in the present day Brazilian society. For this project, two characters were selected: The “Epops”, that represents the king who was transformed in bird, and the “Flautist Vulture”, that represents the birds in their condition of superiority by their indifference related to material goods and earth richness. For the “Epops” costume, Laura Yamane designed a fabric stamp representing the Brazilian birds with topical colors and earthy tones together with Greek pottery figure motives, binding birds and humans. For the “Flautist Vulture”, Vania Cerri used natural material (banana tree fiber, coconut fiber) and recycled material (cloths, jute and ropes), representing the birds iconography, in which the “rustic” rule in the metaphoric characterization of the detachment of material life, pointing for a chance to the advent of a society concerned with the social and environmental perspectives and its ethical, political and economic equivalence. 


Vânia Cerri, Brasil
Yamane, Brasil