The Birds- set design (BDA_BR11)

The scene consists, initially, of a labyrinth in the floor, that makes mention to the structure of the streets of Greece. This labyrinth shows a print that mixture some types of ground, symbolizing the distances and the diverse ways covered for the personages.
When the personages Good of Persuasive and All Blue one enter in contact with the birds and its universe convincing them to gain wings, the second part of the scene is presented, having represented this new ambient: the auditorium is suspended and the scene starts to be on the pantries of the trees, that are two structures measuring about two meters from the ground and filled with foliages and twigs, that remits to the place where the birds live.
Finally, the movement of the birds is carried out through ropes and fabrics hanging from the shelter, for which the actors simulate the flight of the characters. 


Larissa de Souza Gomes, Simone Carvalho da Costa, Brazil  
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro