A Study of Flight; Human Utopias; Anatomy and ‘Condensating’ Space (BDA_CA02)

This project explores the illustrative potency of the grotesque.  It situates the actor on stage and merges him into a hybrid of sculpted costuming and graphically animated projected costuming, and creates for him a new realm of performance and existence pitted between the organic and the graphic – between the animate and the animated.
It uses graphic animation and projection as a “space” creating medium, and explores the possibilities of graphic animation and projection as a “costume” creating medium.  Beginning with a sculptural component, the set grows and roots digitally on vaguely visible holograph-simulating projection screens expanding into a digitally ‘condensated’ architecture.  The actor’s sculptural costuming and movements are choreographed loosely with larger animated costuming projections, for example wings, initiating a surreal jointure of the human anatomy and the bird anatomy.  Projection components and animated “beings” materialize visually and dissolve into nothingness.  In essence, the project explores the visual and theatrical combination of a three-dimensional body and a two-dimensional illustration.   


Marzena Puzniak, Canada