Home and Away: Utopia / Dystopia and Anatopia (BDA_CA04)

Using scenographic and new media techniques and exploring traditional and non-traditional venues (the theatre, the gallery and “found space”), scenography and intermedia students explore deconstructions of several texts concerned with themes of utopia, dystopia, anatopia, cross-continental nomadism, transnational immigration and (referencing the Canadian template of interculturalism) the “mosaic”. These texts will include Aristophanes’ The Bird’s and  Michel Foucault’s “Of other Spaces”. Anatopia defines a state of being in the world in which things ( including people) are not in their proper place. We are all, in diverse ways, culturally defined by a state of imposed or self-imposed nomadism; we are displaced, dislocated, dispersed.  Attending this is the need to define the meaning of “home.” The sense of belonging, a safe haven all point to a fundamental paradox.  In the age of trans-nationalism, hyper-connectivity and globalized culture, finding one’s place may seem anachronistic when considered against the fractured reality/isolation of the (real or imagined) communities that inhabit the 21st century.


Adam Lark, Andrea Young, Claire Schiller, Eagleclaw Thom, Evan Tyler, Jamie Cooper, Jenelle Jakobsen, Jesse Goddard, John Hampton, Karen Ivanochko, Matthew Zerr
University of Regina  
Examples of Student-based work: