Can new foundations be found flying high? (BDA_CA05)


Aristophanes’ “The Birds” adapted to the street scene and the drug dealing industry of Montreal, a cosmopolitan port city like many others; this harbor being one of the main entry for this underground industry in North America.
The two main characters, Peisthetaerus and Evelpides, are drug dealers encroaching on new territory.  Dressed in gothic and biker gang style they take advantage of the Hoopoe’s mental illness to erect this new market involving the young “birds” who are used for their innocence and their knowledge of the city and its market. The gods are corrupted politicians/business men who accept sacrificing
by marriage a young girl named Sovereignty and share the power. A strategy game elaborated with found objects on top of an abandoned building in Montreal is our design starting point.


Students: Jasa Baka, Chloé  Beaulé-Poitras, Audrey-Anne Bouchard, Tanya Chicoine, Mylène Choquette, Catherine Coghlin, Jennifer Goodman, Zoé Gopnik-McManus, Sarah  Hall, Min Ji Kang, Lara Laluza, Stéphanie Lambert, Marie-Christine Meunier, Dominique Ostiguy, Viviane Pilon-Topping, Elisabetta Polito, Sonja Rainey, Samantha Scafidi, Jessica Valme, Katie Jean Wall

Faculty: Raymond Marius Boucher, Amy Keith, Eric Mongerson,
Concordia University