A Canadian Aviary: Costume Designs for “The Bird”s  (BDA_CA07)

The Birds was used as the basis of a term design project for senior Costume Design students. The group was asked to collect images of avian and human subjects that reflected both sides of the Birds cast of characters. Research was carried out about the birds that would have inhabited Greece in Aristophanes time. The students were also asked to investigate the historical use of animal costumes and their relationship to ritual and comedy. Their source books served as a basis for the design development. The brief was to  create a set of costumes for the play that relate human body movement and human behavior to the physical and behavioural characteristics of all types of birds. The setting and time period was of their own choice.
Jenifer Darbellay, Tammy  Chan, Gloria  Shum, Alexandra Naicu, Ariel  Buchan, Nykiya Graham, Carmen Alatorre,
University of British Columbia