BIRDWATCH from The Great War Island (BDA_CS0101)


Throughout the history, the island was an important strategic point for either the conquest or the defense of Belgrade. Since the WW II the island has not been in use, even though the city planers were contemplating to make it a stabile ground for building New Belgrade in 1948. Soon after the idea was abandoned because the Great War Island, colonized by nature lovers, and also the home of numerous rare species endangered birds, got under a firm guard of “The Society for Bird Protection”.


This is the story about a resigned rebel, unsatisfied by state government and political system, attempting along with his friend to “build” a new city, a “place between earth and sky”. The “structure”, build of cupidity and lust, attracts on people to endless enjoyment.  With a formed group of diabolic creatures fused of human and animal beings, he doesn’t build the city, but unconsciously closes the cage (with himself being caught in it) and finishes his life blinded by greed for possession and power. Pisteter’s wish to transform his resistance towards the system into a life concept in the isolated, boundary-less and regulation-free city, is essentially representing his inability to defend against the authority and power mechanisms. 


The Great War Island fits into the concept of “place between earth and sky”, a place cut-off –“the end of the world”. Its geographic position and its historical context that symbolize a military base are very inspiring for this story about the absurd search for utopia.

Ana Milic, Snezana Veljkovic, Serbia
Faculty of Applied Arts