In my interpretation, I see Pisteteros and Euelpides as fail biznismen set of to find better and easyer life. In their serch, they found one isolated village with its residents which lived a peasefull life in harmony with nature, without tehnology. Pisteteros found the way to take advantage of those easyminded people. He comersialized their countryside stile of life thinking that it was in everyones best concern. That was his way to make utopia. With time everything was adjusted to a crowd and television. At the end, disappointed peasants realised that they hav lost everything that mattered to them, believing in Pisteteros tales of better life.
Space - The play is in space of film studio in Belgrade. It fully concludes my idea and gives the play as many posibilities as it needs.   Dimensions are 51x30m
Jelena Kosovac, Serbia  
Faculty of Applied Arts