1-scene We can see a platform which is made of cubes (cube is part of the puzzle);
2-scene The back of the scene is printed wall which is partly made of cubes is in the beginning behind the curtains (during the performance, cubes are being drawn making that way a new building which presents utopic ideas).
3-scene The curtain lifts slowly in the moment when they start to belive in idealistic idea of demagoues ( newcomers).
4-scene Habitants decompose their ''town'' and they start building new, but they don't realize that they're making trap for themselves-labyrinthine (spiral) which is being built upwards them.
5-scene The construction is doomed to failure-collapse, because of sloping base (but habitants are convinced that base is level). Constructin is breaking down and they are at the beginning again.WILL THEY LEARN  A LESSON?
To make their utopist dream come true they decompose strong bases of their reality. 


Tatjana Cvjetkovic, Serbia  
Faculty of Applied Arts