The Utopian Space (BDA_DE0202)

“The utopian space” deals with the structures, in which space can be thought of and can be formed into pictures.
The installation, created by a group of students at the Dresden University of Fine Arts, is a labyrinth of messages, ideals, desires, attempts to communicate.
The components of this maze are boxes, used as an expandable basic modul. The box marks the entrance to the utopian house and, due to its temporary usability, remembers the nest of a bird as a fleeting home/ dwelling.
Many boxes, closed with a lid like a letter`s box has, constitute an assembly that denies a quick grip of the inside, the “content”.


Lilit-Marie Cremer, Sophie Du Vinage, Nele Ellegiers, Maria Pfeiffer, Sylvia Rieger, Felicia Schick, Ariane Schwarz, Beck Anna,
Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden