Tyrants from a Bird's-eye View:  Aristopane’s Birds (BDA_HU02)

Cloudcuckooland is hovering in nothing on a long road between Earth and Sky. It is an important route in the relationship of divine and human creatures. It has been existing from time immemorial. It has not disturbed anybody until it becomes the victim of the aspiration to world hegemony led by two good-for-nothing drifters. Pisthetairos and Eulepides block the road, erecting a siege and they seize power over the world in nothing.
My work is intended for the stage in Katona József Theatre in Budapest.
It has rather disadvantageous conditions. It is a space with an inside height of 4,6 metre on average; it is 14 metre long from the proscenium to the backstage; and it is without a fly-floor and side-stage.
I am using special material, papertubes for this work. The spillikins- (jackstraws-) like structure of the lower level thrown all over the place is continued aside by stretched canvas similar to early aircraft models or sails.There is water running in the pipes underneath.
Pistheitairos and Eulepides hit find the demigod Birds in a nest built on the top of a pontoon bridge; and by occupying the crossing place they block prevent communication and the passage between the divine and human worlds. They are unpredictable tyrants: social office-holders breaking into their autocratic system are executed.




Gabriella Kiss Bezeczky, Hungary  
Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts