The Birds: set design, costume design and storyboards (BDA_IE02)

The Birds is a comedy about two Athenians trying to escape the modern world of taxes and responsibilities. Ironically, when they endeavour to found a city with the birds they find themselves at the centre of the politics and take on almost complete responsibility. I chose to keep the set in this case all in grey-scale, this is to represent the extra dimension that the earth lacks compared to the skies. The pattern is based on a mathematical equation and represents the rules and laws that come with walking the earth. The sky is orange with stylised clouds. The sky represents both the sun setting on one form of existence and rising to represent a new order. The sky has a camouflage look which represents the conflict between the birds and the Gods. The rostrum consists of three seemingly floating planes which separate different parts of the play while keeping the bare look. The overall feel that I tried to achieve is one of a barren, dead earth and its contrast to the sky, a different world of possibility. 
Alan Duggan, Ireland
Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology