The Birds – Theatre Design Project (BDA_IE08)

My project is an interpretation of the Aristophane’s play ‘The Birds’. I wanted to design for a performance that would be surreal, humorous and fun and which would inspire laughter in a contemporary audience today. My design contains elements of cabaret and it is staged in a surreal nite-club style environment, with many of the bird characters playing the parts of performing drag acts. The performance will involve an all-male cast with the only female character being ‘Baelia’.The concept is essentially a show within a show, with members of the cast masquerading as an ‘on stage’ audience. A central door and cascading underlit steps provide a dramatic entrance for the Bird characters as they are introduced to the audience. The arches and surrounding velvet fabric of the set hint at the idea of a birdcage and suggest a world encapsulated within. The motif on the floor is a reference to a suggestion in the script of how to measure air space. These markings on the floor also allude to roads and pathways and aid the direction of the cast.


Sinead Flynn, Ireland