A set Design of Aristophanes “The Birds” in a Contemporary view (BDA_IE11)


Aristophanes The Birds
Synopsis of my design: The set design is based on the theme escapism. The story evolves around two men in a mental institution. They experience Hallucinogenic dreams and illusions of escaping reality and society. They travel on a matrix in their  dreams, bringing them in and out of reality, their journey brings them to another dimension, a new world surrounds them, birds are seen everywhere, appearing out of crickets and hidden places. They go to live with birds and built a city in the sky with telegraph poles, eventually they start viewing themselves as birds.
They have left the old world, leaving behind a society with laws of Conformity, debt, rules and civic responsibility, which they reject. Eventually the world they built resembles society, which they were escaping from. They wake up from a dream in a mental ward with beds under the telegraph poles, lit like street lights, to see nurses resembling birds, waiting to medicate them, starting the process all over again.


Nena Zoma Mc Namee, Ireland  
IADT_School of Creative Arts