The Birds – scenography and costumes (BDA_IE12)

I have designed a stage and costumes for Aristophanes’ play “The Birds”.  My presentation includes concept drawings, technical drawings, concept models and documentation.  The theme of “The Birds” is escapism.  I decided that, since this is a universal theme, the play could actually be set in any time or place.  I decided to use Greece as the setting, but rather than ancient Greece I chose a modern Athens.  Two of the main characters, Euelpides and Pithetaerus are to be dressed in business suits.  The Bird characters are to be dressed in tunics, with a mask and cape, in a variety of colours.  My stage and costume designs could be described as simplistic.  I have kept the stage quite minimal, using the backdrop device as a means to transform the stage from a cityscape to the land of the birds at the turning point in the play. 
Grace Dinan, Ireland  
IADT Dun Laoghaire