Bird Cage (BDA_IL1)

The Birds by Aristophanes presents a city in which a new society is being founded. This seemingly ideal society represents the golden era, harmony and brotherhood. Apparently it is a society which deposes all cheating and corruption. But soon audience is to find out that this society is not as perfect as it seems at first sight. And a much more conflicted and contrasted picture is revealed.
This city, originally established in order to form utopian free society, based on harmony and simplicity, is now being ruled by an external, violent tyrant.
The cage in our project, like the seemingly ideal city in the play, is fancy and stylish in itself, but for all the birds inside it is a mechanism of oppression and suppression.
The cage takes away the "birdly" essence of birds, which ironically was the thing that applied so much to the humans in the first place. 


Efrat  Aravot, Karine Romano, Niv Manor,