Loss of Utopia (BDA_KR02)


The ideal based on the Utopia the birds and human desire for

- Two men stand on the stage which is separated in two parts.  On stage, the chronological models of utopia that the two men have been seeking are layered on display in panoramic view, from the past state of what was utopia to the present of what Utopia means to them now.  What is the utopia they are searching for like?  When the men arrive at a point, soon after, they move on to another model of Utopia to satisfy in which previous one failed them.  No point of departure or arrival has been the right flawless model of utopia, and they continue to find new problems after problems where ever they go.  These past errors at times become their despair or serve as their hope that tomorrow will they find that perfection, ideal.  Such repetitive past accumulate on their shoulders pressing them with such weight heavy as the amount of time that bypassed them. 
ah-reum Han, ju-hong Jung, sang-bong Park, Korea  
The korean national university of arts , school of drama