The Birds (BDA_KR03)

These characters can be seperated into the human-being, the bird and the god. The main point is to describe each of them in an indivisual way. The human-being has a pretty much down-to-earth and adventurous personality. Therefore, you may use stage properties such as a compass or a bird gun in oder to set off that personality. The bird means ‘The Fantasy World’ which has a huge different from the real world, where the human-being belongs in. The costumes and stage properties are exaggerated in comical ways. Some part of the bird is symbolized. Besides, the god is the most majestic, but the god is not treated the way he should be. With that, I explained the symbolic meaning on the costume. I also tried to express all those three characters to be shown harmoniously at the same time on the stage.
Hyun Jin Kim, Eun Mi Chun, Korea  
Sangmyung University