A Passage to Hanging Garden  (BDA_KR04)


This work the Aristophanes the bird above being vain, is the outcome goods of one process. Until idea and the plan, model and scene composition above showing, it is one thing with text of the work.
This drama describes that the human mind which always is dreaming of escaping from reality and finally leaves searching for Utopia to fine the freedom.
With the chess board of the stage bottom upside down the tree which becomes, sky, the space of unreality it becomes the union with meaning which the separation city is special and it decorates, inside all.
When this work is come true in public performance, than, will be the possibility becoming the work which is more beautiful.


mi-ji Kim, song-min You, nam-kyoung Kim, Korea  
Chungkang College of Cultural Industries (Dep, Theatrical Design Technology)