Flight = delight, flight = fraud, flight = power (BDA_LV01)

The idea is that the action is taking place in the building of mechanical factory. There are metal constructions all around, rails and rotating platform on which, as it later appears, aeroplane – the symbolic city between haven and the earth, is being constructed.
As the play goes “object”, depending on stage setting, is transforming and lives trough different unordinary changes together with acting figures.
This is able to approach the footlights of the stage, rotate around itself, lift itself vertically. For example, when both main characters are attacked by the birds, they hide inside the “object”. First they throw out huge amount of feather afterwards they see that the “object” is filled with a lot of frozen chicken which is later cooked and eaten by both main characters.
Pistheteros and Euelpides find out the way how to pilot this artificial aeroplane and subordinate the birds and Gods afterwards.
In the end, when the hull of the aeroplane is lifted vertically, it transforms into a gigantic cosmos phallus – the symbol of power, mean to get into space and have the scepter of Zeus and his wife. 
Dace Pudāne, Latvia  
New Theatre Institute of Latvia