Playground (BDA_LV02)

The action takes place in a playground. A rollercoaster with its upward movement, and a panoramic wheel, a never-ending cycle, are dominant in the playground. Humans use the rollercoaster as a course for their offerings to gods. This course being the rollercoaster itself reaches into the big mouth of a clown symbolising Zeus. The broken panoramic wheel serves as a dwelling place for birds. When they start creating their territory, the panoramic wheel gets rolling. The panoramic wheel is a link between gods, birds and humans. The birds then gain control over the rollercoaster and hence the supply of donations.
In the final episode, the gods and Pistheteros with his new wife emerge from the mouth of the clown. They start a new journey in a new world. 
Uģis Bērziņ, Latvia
New Theatre Institute of Latvia