The Birds - special performance space and costumes (BDA_PL04)

Students of Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków worked on "The Birds" during one semester. Their task was to find or create a special performance space, which is most appropriate for a comedy by Aristophanes. They couldn’t use a traditional theatre. Students had to design not only the space and a set, but also costumes for main characters and a chorus. All projects should be based on an individual interpretation of the play. Students had been working in groups of two and they should prepare a few renderings of a set and three 30 cm high puppets of the main characters. We would like to present three best projects from our Academy at the Prague Scenofest, done by:
  1. Ilona Michalik + Lukasz Trzcinski
  2. Katarzyna Kobylarz + Mariusz Pala
  3. Edyta Stajniak + Zuzana Pitnerová
The work was done in class run by Prof. Malgorzata Komorowska  
Prof. Malgorzata Komorowska, Asst. Monika Kurosad, Zuzana Pitnerová, Mariusz Pala, Lukasz Trzcinski, Katarzyna Kobylarz, Ilona Michalik, Edyta Stajniak
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow