The birds – A timeless political satire (BDA_RO10)

From the intricate themes of Aristophanes’ imagery in The Birds, this scenographic rendering attempts to highlight one of the most modern of them – populism and political manipulation. The atmosphere centers on a wasted land, home of a decayed and ruined society, with few signs of a now lost glory. This must be the perfect landscape for a seeming utopian leader who, in a very modern manner, promises to bring back the glorious days of the idealized past and even more, the end of history – an utopian Birds’ heaven. The Utopia is at hand and only a militarized “Heaven” and a strong command will guarantee its success. A never ending story of embezzled ideals and recurring dictatorships. One must view these cycles in perspective – irony, parody and humour are the only consolations.
Mara Grigoriu, Romania  
National University of Theatrical and Cinematographic Arts – Scenography