Pipes and columns (BDA_RU05)


Pipes and columns.

We adore the past, we hate the present and we are afraid the future. A.P.Chekhov.

What is the sacrificial smoke presently? It that rises upwards on pipes, it that runs on pipes - essential, necessary - gas, water, oil We sacrifice the health and the future in exchange for it.

The future differs from the past position in space - the past overthrown - is horizontal, the future erect - vertically. As columns. As pipes.

In the project of a pipe are replaced by columns, by means of them the space is modelled.

Birds intermediaries. Birds phantoms from the past, from the future.

The images flying more quickly of a wind, with speed of an idea.

The images coming in a dream, not people, not gods.

They are free. 


Olga Zolotukhina, Russia