The Birds Site Modern in Classic design presentation (BDA_RU07)

There is a new performance “Birds” showed in the Russian avant-garde. The Russian avant-garde is the main trend of Russian art of XX century. It is a formal and plain style which fits the theater set. What is more we learnt about Myehold a lot. That is the theatre artist who worked with the artists of Russian avant-garde in XX century we took the main scheme of this performance “Birds”.
There is a project of a communal flat in 1930s on the basis of our performance. The communal flat is an apartment where a plenty of people live. Such place is very likely a bird colony where you can find a variety of birds.
We would not like to refuse the Greek culture. There are no both the Greek clichés and familiar things, symbols. The Outfits completely links the set and Aristophanes’ idea.
Anna Lapigina, Svetlana Beshliu, Russia  
St Petersburg Academy of Arts named after I.E.Repin