There are 3 stories of a 3 humans, living their own civil live, in
their own a little bit unusual space, they don´t know, that there is an
audience all around and that somebody else is living there too, at the
beginning of the performance. The story performed by 3 puppet designers is
constructed like some kind of laboratory based on diary full of everyday
experience / of course with artistic metaphor /.
Artists living in a great aquarium formulate their point of view on our
culture, idols, social values, trash, about our contemporary art …
It is not the theater in right meaning of the word. It´s balancing on the
edge between performance and happening. We call it, only for us, “living
room”. The most important is process, idea, metaphor, metamorphose,
interactivity between people, kinds of art, between old and progressive,
between space and the action, to cook a new fresh theater.
And what about the headlight of PQ ?
O.K., we will reach the heaven, we will fly on the sky, perhaps, with our
art cooked on merry-go-round, because art in not only about a philosophy
but mostly about senses!
And like Phistetairos, we will eat our dinner without audience, inspite of
they thought that this prey is for them - like in another performances,
where you are looking for a half of a hour on actors and than you can eat
the product.
The aim is very single: free your mind, cross your borders and do
everything what was impossible!!!
Martina Fintorová, AlexandraDubravicka, Kristina Hroznova, Slovakia  
Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts