Firmament (BDA_TR02)

Aristophanes preferred to set up his play on the religious and supernatural characters of that period as a way to criticize the situation and policies of his time.The idea of flying is an escape from the facts that are criticized in the play. ( The physical activity mentioned can be observed in the idiom free as a bird used frequently in our daily lives.As i combined these elements mentioned above for my design, i came up with the idea of a dome which has been used for different purposes in different ages and now is mostly used as a functional architectural element. The dome in my design is used both as an association with the religious facts in the play and both as an element to divide the space into different areas required for the play. (Earth-people, sky-birds )What i use on the stage is not a classical dome but is like the contemporary ones that are used in public places, ( malls, theatres, public buildings etc. ) a steel construction covered with blue glass. The antique style stairs i used in my design refers to the Greek temples and the climbing for the gods. They emphasize the humanly characteristics of the Athenians.Another design element is the modern spiral stairs  i used for the entrance of the gods. The spiral stairs located in a transparent tube are used to emphasize the inefficiency of the gods to solve the problems, doing nothing but wandering around.As a result the stage design for the Birds consists of a dome above a podium,the antique stairs leading to the podium, and the spiral stairs on the right side of the dome.  Format: 1/20 model for the Italian Box Theatre.
Faruk Bozkurt, Turkey  
TR_Istanbul_Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University