In The Birds there is a new perception of space beyond the human capacity of action and ability to move. Itís a place without gravity. An idealized world and order cannot be established in such a place and  thatís why ďThe BirdsĒ is a utopia.
In my design I wanted to create my own utopia. I created a theatre space which didnít exist before. In this theatre all the walls, the ceiling, the floor are made from transparent materials. It is about 1350 squaremeters. There are sliding panels inside this area and the area can be seperated into different rooms according to different needs. There is a cafe, lobby, office, toilets, backstage and depot in the theatre.
The Birds will be performed in an aquarium located in this place. By the time the play begins, the aquarium will start to fill with water. When it is completely full,  none of the players will be able to step on the ground. This way the ideas of the ground, the movement, and the sky will all be observed in one place. The aquarium refers to the struggle to establish order in a place without gravity just like it is in the play.



HANDE S‹MER, Turkey    
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University