“Birds” (BDA_TR05)


“Birds” was the first project I have made. The text is very inspiring. Designing and modeling was very hard but also very exciting. When I read the play my  first thought was, there had to be three floors. The upper floor is gods place, middle is the air and the bottom floor is ground. I put plexiglass for the celling and the floor. For the movement of the play, I put stairs through these three floors. This idea made me very enthusiastic. The actors are using the stairs from the air floor to gods floor or ground level. I wanted to support this movement with lightning. I put light bulbs to every stairs bottom and this feels like ground level as if we are looking down from a plane.  Upper floor is for the gods, so I put white bulbs there like a spiritual light. Each stair has different color which represents the colorful world of birds.

Finally the design made me happy.

Zehra Uzunali, Turkey  
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University