İn The Middle (BDA_TR06)


The mountainous and rocky structure of the land where Antique Greek cities are located and the huge staircases of the architecture where reaching for Gods is the main idea, became the starting point of my design for the Birds.
To make light of the Gods descending from the sky to the Earth, i used a playground slide as the focal point of my design which also provided the dramatic quality since it is very hard to climb up a slide. The slide is red in color as a metaphor of the blood of the sacrifices offerd to Gods.
I used lightboxes on the ground fot the players coming from Athens. They are perceived as a rocky landscape until they get color and light with the movement of the players. These white boxes symbolize the purity and the freedom of the new city that is to be established.

Burak Yerlikaya, Turkey  
Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University