‘The Party In The Clouds’ (BDA_UK04)


I have designed a promenade performance of ‘The Birds’ to take place in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is situated on a hill (known as Anarholl) by the main harbour in the city.
The experience is an exploration of the fantasy places and characters from the play. I have divided the narrative into scenes and allocated each to a particular area of the hill, using the environment as part of the scenery. The playground, for example, is transformed into ‘The New City of Cloud Cuckoo’ with the play equipment turned into bird’s houses, a ‘bad bird prison’, bird games, the bottom of a rainbow, with clouds and a large bird bath.  The existing statue of Arnarson, a Norwegian Viking who was the first settler in Iceland, and its surrounding seating area became ‘Heaven’. Clouds surrounded the plinth and white cloudy floor, a white gate and seating with silver lining were added! The other scenes included Tereus’s Kitchen, The Nest By The Woods, and The Old Bird Realm.  The idea was that each member of the audience could choose the direction they would follow and create their own sequence of events.

Olivia Gaston, UK