Design for Cochrane Collaboration – ‘The Birds’ (BDA_UK12)


For this 3rd year project, Aristophanes’ ‘The Birds’ becomes a starting point for the creation of a performance event based on the themes of the play. The project is a collaboration, and the group of 8 students wrote a joint proposal indicating how each designer would contribute to the whole. Initially the group chose to adapt the text. Each designer then devised, design and directed a short performance piece and these pieces were combined to create an event lasting approx.1 hour. It was up to the group how they used the given venue of the Cochrane Theatre and the implied audience experience. The designers also collaborated with a group of 3rd year undergraduate Fine Art students from the college, who also created performance pieces for the event. After the performances, each student was required to reflect on their experience and produce a design proposal for the whole play of Aristophanes’ ‘The Birds’.

collaboration, UK  
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design