(Costume Design) The Birds (BDA_US09)

Aristophanes’ The Birds is a muse on the limitless folly of man’s discontent and a misguided search for utopian autonomy.
Pisthetairos & Euelpides’ disgruntled quest for relief from their perceived civil oppression leads them into an ironic serendipity that flips these two querulous pariahs into a position of efficacious domination via their discovery and subsequent empowerment of an ‘all-knowing, all-seeing’ societal periphery – that of the birds.  The birds, guided by the outcast transhuman, Tereus the Hoopoe, can be envisioned as a cloistered segment of post human transmogrification – innocent geeks of the future, perhaps. 
When viewed through the lens of a society that grows increasingly dependent upon technological panaceas, setting this traditional class/power struggle for self-determination into the mythical world of a sequestered techno-utopian society would seem to provide plenty of disquiet comedic fodder and conceptual imagery with which to engage this project.  
Jan McCauley, USA    
University of Texas at Austin